Fly, Swim, Capture

Our focus

Customer fulfillment

Our primary focus is to enthrall the customer and leave him/her in wide eyed amazement. Our immersive cameras and able editing ensures that our only customer is a happy customer.

Efficiency and agility

Our team of able editors, and software engineers ensure that every edit is done with precision and the best memories are preserved and highlighted. We rely on nothing but the most cutting edge technologies.

Creative and innovative approach

We may be a stickler for the most efficient processes, but that doesn’t let us compromise on going out on a limb to ensure that each customer gets an individualized experience best suited to his/her needs.

About Us

Trust only the best when it comes to recording your precious memories
Don't take our word for it, let our work speak for itself

The selection of the best and the most rugged cameras which go where everywhere you go, so that you never miss out on a moment. Going rafting, don't worry! Our cameras are just in their home territory. Diving in deep water, the cameras can do 100 meters of water.

A team with a diverse skill set, we handle the recorded videos with extreme care to ensure that the raw content comes out looking the best on the other end.

Currently we operate out of Rishikesh, and cover the rafting experiences of enthusiastic tourists.

Our Team

Meet our rockstars who make Flyscap tick!
Agam Tomar
If you rounded up all the people who could get things done, from NIT Jalandhar, Agam would clearly take the top spot. Agam has a firm bias for action along with a radical and innovative approach towards most problems. Flyscap couldn’t have had a more enthusiastic leader.

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